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Molly Reusable Easter Egg / Swedish-style Påskägg


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Molly Reusable Easter Egg / Swedish-style Påskägg

Meet Molly, the life and soul of your Easter celebration! She is the ultimate party starter, bringing all the fun with her infectious energy. 

Molly Sandén, the Swedish pop singer and voice actress, is the inspiration behind this lively Ägg. Her incredible voice will leave you blown away, and her catchy tune "Vi ska aldrig gå hem" is a must-listen this Easter. It's a reminder of those endless summer nights in Stockholm that never seem to end.

Molly is 15cm top to bottom and made from durable tin. She is perfect to fill with gifts that will light up the lucky person as much as the sun lights up the summer nights. Hair accessories, stickers, bracelets or a Scandi treat from the Gåva sweetshop will all suit Molly down to a T. Alternatively, opt for one of our pre-filled eggs with a range of delicious treats to choose from.

About our Gåva Easter Eggs

The Gåva Easter eggs with chocolate truffles are developed in a collaboration with Gåva Gifting. The first eco-friendly luxury easter eggs made from tin that you can re-use year after year.

A Gåva is a gift that shows you care. Give it with chocolate truffles, add jewellery, cosmetics or anything you can think of. These luxury reusable easter eggs is a gift you can't get enough from.

The easter eggs comes with 100g vegan chocolate truffles.

Our Gåva Easter Eggs are also available as corporate gifting - and on bespoke with your design or company logo on the egg or box. Contact our sales departement via fro more information.